Our Managing Director, Sarath Lawrance who belongs to 4th generation in Jewelry Business


MD is seen seated with his mother, besides her parents (both goldsmiths). MD's father is standing on the left hand side.


MD's father making jewelry himself at home, He was expired in 2015 at the age of 86. He started jewelry making at a very young age of 12


MD's mother and father, hailing from a goldsmith family in their own business


Grandfather's profession - Goldsmith, born in Galle where the most talented goldsmiths live and produce exquisite Gold jewelries. His designation as a Goldsmith is circled in Red in his passport . (Present MD's Grandfather)


MD's grandfather, Lorence Naidelage Charlishamy's passport that was issued in 1951 allowing to visit overseas in order to train goldsmiths.


MD's grandfather Mr Lorence Naidelage Charlishamy


MD's Grandfather had visited many countries in order to train craftsmen to make handmade exquisite Jewelry


MD's great grandfather, a talented goldsmith, he was the person who helped in making the clock tower in Galle Fort, eventually he was In-charge of maintaining the clock for a prolonged time.


MD's grandfather's great grandfather ws the person who helped in building the Galle fort iin the Portuguese era and was given the surname "Lorence" for the work he had done from Lorenzo De Almeda, the great traveler in the late 1500s.