All the visitors to our exclusive geological and gemological museum are invariably given an A to Z knowledge on how Sri Lanka was originated 4.6 billion years ago engulfing the wonderful minerals and gemstones outshining the ones in other parts of the world.

The knowledge thus includes the genesis and deposits of gemstones after getting them washed off to the places where the bottoms of gem pits lead to.

Furthermore, in our museum you will see the rarest minerals in the world which are located and found in Sri Lanka and also the oldest fossils of living beings which were originated in the Cambrian (541-485 million years) Era.

Gemological Museum

Our museum is one of the most educative for the enthusiasts, geologists and anyone who seeks knowledge. It has a complete collection of minerals and gems. Most of them are from our own mining sites, we have largest corundums in the world among them, which definitely is a unique experience for those who love gems and fossils. We are proud to say that we have created one of the best Gemological & Geological Museum in Sr Lanka giving the visitor all-round knowledge of the minerals, how they are formed and how they are extracted.